• Crystal Townley

Prepping for the Move

So at this point I've done all my research. solidified a job selling real estate, and purchased a condo in Costa Rica. Being an overly prepared person I gladly patted myself on the back for having my crap together.

I'm back in the U.S. What do I do now? I own my home in Des Moines, Iowa and do not plan on selling it. So finding a renter was a top priority. Within two weeks of listing it I found a renter. Within a week of listing my car for sale it was sold. I started getting rid of anything and everything in my house and only kept the essentials. Thank you Facebook Marketplace! I also got a call from my new boss in Costa Rica saying he found the perfect car for me. He sent me photos of videos of it and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. A 2008 Toyota Rav 4 baby! With 35,000 miles on it. I was thrilled.

While all this was going on the animal shelter I volunteered at needed fosters for 24, yes 24 puppies! I caved and agreed to take three puppies. What was I thinking? It was a blast, while being the most exhausting, dirty job I've ever had. I ended up what they call "foster failing" and kept the little guy on the very left. While his brother and sister would be wrestling around like ferocious animals, he would curl up in my lap and fall asleep. I could not resist the little fella. I was torn at first because I knew I was moving to Costa Rica and that would be adding one more element to this crazy life move, but I caved and made the adoption official on Christmas Eve. Best Christmas present EVER. I named my little dude Copper (Fox and the Hound reference) and he is the sweetest little guy.

Next was the daunting task of packing all of my stuff into a reasonable amount of suitcases. My goal was to not overpack and only bring the essentials. I purchased three large duffels on Amazon and used a backpacking pack that I already had. Four bags and I surprisingly fit everything. What a doozy! I packed and repacked more than once, but it ended up working out perfectly.

The flight out to Costa Rica was originally booked late February, which happened to be a couple weeks after my parents were going to Costa Rica. I was super bummed that I would miss them by just a few days. Not having a dog when I booked the flight I had to not only add him to the flight, but also track his weight and make sure he was still able to fit in his soft crate that was supposed to fit under the seat. I starting to get concerned with how quickly Copper was growing so I bumped up my flight. My parents had some scheduling conflicts so funny thing was that we all ended up flying out on the same day to Costa Rica. Now originally I was flying to the Liberia airport, and my parents to San Jose. It just was my luck that my parent's flight was cancelled due to weather, so their only option was to get on my flight and drive down to San Jose from Liberia. What are the chances?! In all seriousness I don't think I would have made it through the airport with four bags and a 30lb dog so it was a real blessing to have them with me.

As you can see, literally everything for this move fell into place. It was shown to me time and time again that this was what I was supposed to be doing with my life in this moment. Pura Vida here I come!

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