• Crystal Townley

Two Months In!

I’ve officially been in Costa Rica for two months! How the time flies. One of the good reminders of why I moved and got out of the “rat race.” Time waits for no one and I can’t say I regret my move to Costa Rica.

We officially got our first rain of the season. SO refreshing. I personally love the rain. I am a plant lover and I can’t wait to see all the trees and plants thrive with a daily shower. It also helps cool down the weather a bit… To maybe 88 degrees LOL. Can you imagine a better climate than that? 80’s everyday and cooling to high 70’s at night. I am in heaven.

I’ve now had time to settle in. I’m finding my favorite beaches (there are SO many!), restaurants, grocery stores, bars, car wash, mechanic, doggie daycare, handyman and the list goes on. My first visitor has come and gone. So people are asking… "Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Do you love it? How is life? Do you even work?!"

Well, to be completely honest, my life hasn’t changed THAT much. The location of where I am living has changed and of course not being close to my family and friends that I miss dearly in the U.S. But I am a routine person and other than those things mentioned my life has really stayed the same and is probably like most others. I wake up, drink delicious Costa Rican coffee, go workout, walk the dog (to the beach), go to work, and come home to my condo in the jungle, eat dinner, maybe take a dip in the pool or meet up with friends for drinks and call it a day. Then I do the same thing all over again.

I figure if you have to work, why not work and live your best life in paradise where the weather is amazing, people are incredibly friendly, fresh food is readily available, and the amount of things to do are never ending. These things make all the difference in daily life. Life is a bit slower and more relaxed here. People tend to appreciate small things and not worry about things they can't control. People here are genuinely HAPPY here because they focus on the simple good things in life and don't give the bad things a thought.

So, YES it’s everything it’s cracked up to be. I love it and have to pinch myself daily. I am so lucky to be living here and experiencing this incredible culture. And YES, I do "work."

Speaking of work, I have the best job of all time working in Real Estate. I am licensed to sell in Costa Rica. I have had the amazing opportunity to join Tres Amigos Realty Group, the BEST and top-performing agency in ALL of Costa Rica. If you have a desire to get out of the “rat race” and live a more relaxing and peaceful life, please write me in the “contact” section on my page and I can answer any questions you have. Whether you want to simply visit, want to make Costa Rica your home, need help finding a rental, or want to buy, build or invest, I am happy to help in any way I can. Don't wait any longer and come join me in paradise!

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